Walking on the Boundaries: Turturi, Last Village of Bengal

All you know about Turturi, the last village of Bengal. Forests, Kala Pahar, Raidak River(Bhutan Ghat) and more to explore.

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Turturi The Last Village Of Bengal

In the deep forests of Alipurduar lies a serene village that marks the border between India and Bhutan. The lush vegetation and the abundance of wildlife make it a perfect tourist destination. Many tourists do not know of this offbeat village called Turturi Kanda or Turturi. The name itself evokes a sense of unique charm and highlights its raw pastoral beauty. Let us find out more about Turturi.

Natural Beauty of Turturi

The road to Turturi is through an avenue of tall khirish trees from which come the sounds of various birds. The combined chirping of hundreds of birds, the fresh country breeze and rustling leaves give it a charming ambience. This ambience continues till Turturi where there are two very prominent natural attractions. Let us find out what they are and how to explore them.

Main Attractions of Turturi

The most important tourist destination is the Kala Pahar, meaning ‘black mountain’. Indeed, this is a quaint hillock which looks dark and magnificent. Moreover, the rays of the sun create a spectrum on the surface of this hillock. Silver, green, brown, and black colours are seen reflected on it beautifully. In keeping with the various colors of this hillock, multicolored rocks are found scattered at the foot. And on the edge of these rock-scattered banks is the Raidak River. This river is a natural boundary between India and Bhutan, known as ‘Bhutan Ghaat’.

Way of Bhutan Ghat

The silvery cold waters, colourful rocks and the dark hill in the distance give this place a heavenly beauty. But even more attractive is the road to this place through the forests of Buxa Tiger Reserve. Tall parallel trees, wild bushes and a sandy, rocky path through which your bike wheels go jerking along — make an adventurous ride. You can occasionally hear the call of peacocks in the distance. Footprints of elephants, peacocks and even leopards are sometimes seen near Kala Pahar. In short, in Turturi, you get to experience a thrilling adventure in the wilderness. It doesn’t end here, there is a Tea garden around 25 km away from Turturi and a Bhaishno devi temple.

where to stay

But how to go to this amazing spot, and where to stay? Izifiso’s homestays in offbeat areas make adventurous travel easy, and so is the case with Turturi. Izifiso’s Turturi homestay serves you good food and comfortable lodgings right in the midst of Jangal. It even prepares for your journey to the homestay as cars will be ready to take you there from Alipurduar station. Bikes for hire will be available too to take you to Kala Pahar.

Best time to visit Turturi

The best time to visit Turturi is in winter (November to February). The cold chill of country forests will increase the adventure and thrill in your stay at this remote spot. The silent aura of the rural forests, and the chirping of birds to break the silence add extra thrill too. The wilderness, the dark forests, the dark magnificence of the Kala Pahar and the serene riverside of Raidak are unforgettable. A visit to Turturui is indeed to be cherished for a lifetime. But nature takes a different form in every season, so you can visit Turturi even in your favorite season.

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