Tranquil Bagda – Chasing the sunset on two wheels

By Izifiso
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“Like a feather on the wind, / My restless heart would wander in.” – fueling the dream while Bagda awaits.

Following this line inspired by Emily Brontë, this journey took me on a 237-kilometer adventure to the relatively unknown Bagda Beach in Odisha. Tourism here is still in its early stages, offering a glimpse of a hidden gem.

The ride itself was a revelation. I cruised along the well-maintained West Bengal-Jharkhand highway, entering Odisha for the first time. The absence of barricades and the smooth roads were a joyride on my trusty scooty. Three toll plazas marked the journey – Dhulagarh and Debra in West Bengal, and Lakshmannath in Odisha (total distance covered approximately 160 km). The scenic Subarnarekha River bridge added another layer to the experience. After Haldipada, a well-pitched village road (around 16 km) led the way, with the final 1 km being a sandy stretch.

For riders like me, Bagda is an ideal destination. There’s no off-roading involved, making it a perfect scooty adventure.

The highlight of this trip was undoubtedly the beach camping experience. Imagine temporary tents nestled amidst the casuarina forest, offering a unique blend of comfort and adventure. Double and triple occupancy options cater to different preferences.

Remember, women are breaking boundaries every day. And riding is a powerful form of freedom that everyone, especially women, should experience firsthand.

Chasing freedom on the way

This sentiment is echoed in the growing number of women riders I encountered on the road. While other riders zoomed past on their powerful bikes, a sense of accomplishment filled me. Sharing the same road, each journey is unique. This was mine – on my own terms, at my own pace, for myself.

Being a homemaker most of the year, this solo ride was a chance to rediscover myself. Spending time with our children can sometimes blur the lines of time. Seeing most of the other riders being my son’s age brought a sense of joy and a renewed appreciation for self-care.

As I sat on the beach, the vastness of the ocean stretched before me. The words of Kalidasa resonated: “This is life, live it mindfully, for time is fleeting.” The setting sun, with its gentle glow, painted the sky in a breathtaking display, reminding me of the preciousness of each moment.

The rhythmic waves lapping at the shore, the ever-changing shadows, the sound of the ocean breeze – these are the elements that painted a picture of serenity.

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