Meghalaya : A Short Yet Mesmerizing Trip

By Izifiso
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Meghalaya's beauty transcends reality.

Arriving at the land of the rolling hills…

Seizing a four-day leave from the office, we decided to visit Meghalaya, one of the greenest regions of India. As the day arrived, we began our adventure to Guwahati on a serene Wednesday at 4:10 PM aboard the Saraighat Express. The rhythmic movement of the train set the tone for our journey, filled with anticipation and excitement. By the next morning, Thursday at 10:10 AM, we arrived at the bustling Guwahati station. From there, we hopped into a shared taxi bound for Shillong, winding through scenic roads and arriving at the lively Police Bazar in about three hours. Our accommodation was conveniently close, so we strolled there after a hearty meal. That afternoon, we leisurely explored the local area, indulging in some shopping, and after a delightful dinner, we retired early to prepare for the adventures ahead.

Exploring the corners of Cherrapunji

On Friday, we were up with the sun, setting off at 8 AM towards the legendary Cherrapunji. The landscapes unfolded before us like a painter’s canvas, though I couldn’t help but notice that Cherrapunji’s pristine charm had faded slightly from its glory seven or eight years ago. Nevertheless, certain spots retained their ethereal beauty.

We marveled at the gushing waters of Wah-Kaba Falls, the dramatic drop of Nohkalikai Falls, the mysterious depths of Mawsmai and Arwah Caves, the stunning Seven Sisters Falls, and the serene expanse of Eco Park. A particular highlight was bungee jumping at Mawkdok, a thrilling dream finally realized. As night fell, we returned to our hotel, our hearts full and our spirits high, eager for the next day’s trek.

A wonderful trek amidst the dense jungles of Meghalaya

Saturday dawned with the promise of adventure as we set out for the famed Double Decker Root Bridge. Our journey commenced at Tyrna village, where the trek began. Descending 3,500 steps, each one echoing with the whispers of the ancient forest, we finally encountered the magnificent bridge. Along the way, we were enchanted by the sight of the Single Root Bridge and two other natural wonders. The untouched beauty of this place, with its lush greenery and serene ambiance, was awe-inspiring. Exhausted yet exhilarated, we returned to our hotel, our bodies pleading for rest and recuperation.

Last day of exploring Meghalaya…

Sunday marked our last day in Shillong, with plans to return to Guwahati by evening for our flight the next morning. After a leisurely breakfast, we first visited the serene Cathedral Church, its quiet elegance offering a moment of reflection. Next, we journeyed to Laitlum, a place of breathtaking beauty that seemed to touch the heavens. On a clear day, the panoramic views from here are simply mesmerizing. From Laitlum, we visited Ward’s Lake, the Airforce Museum, the thunderous Elephant Falls, a picturesque tea garden, and the charming Lady Hydari Park. By afternoon, we found ourselves back in Police Bazar, where we enjoyed a sumptuous lunch before taking a shared taxi to Paltan Bazar, Guwahati.

As dawn broke on Monday, we boarded our 7:50 AM flight from Guwahati to Kolkata, our hearts heavy with the end of our adventure but filled with unforgettable memories. These days in Meghalaya were spent in the embrace of nature’s splendor, and we returned home with a treasure trove of experiences and stories to cherish forever.

Written by: Moulina Adak
Translated by: Izifiso

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