Exploring Mysterious Blue Mines – A Motorcycle Journey

Exploring the unknown beyond the beaten path - a motorcycle ride to the mysterious Blue Mines in Burdwan with rewarding natural vistas.

By Izifiso
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Ready for adventure with my motorcycle

Many of you have likely explored Purulia’s Baranti, visiting Garhpanchkot, Panchet Dam, Maithon Dam, or the Kalyaneshwari Temple before returning to Asansol. But just like hidden stories lie within the dusty, unexplored corners of libraries, lesser-known experiences exist beyond the usual tourist spots. We often get caught in the daily grind, missing the opportunity to take out our motorcycle to explore these hidden gems. Similarly, when it comes to Asansol and nearby Baranti, these familiar places often dominate our thoughts.

In the spirit of venturing beyond the familiar, I, along with Moon and my trusty Prince (my motorcycle), decided to explore the “Blue Mines” at the end of December. This abandoned coal mine, now declared unfit for operation, has become an unexpected haven.

Reaching our destination

The Blue Mines lie approximately 20 kilometers from Asansol. While technically off-limits due to safety concerns, they offer a captivating escape for those seeking solitude and natural beauty. The heart of the attraction is a mesmerizing blue lake, a striking contrast to the surrounding landscape. The tranquility of the setting invites visitors to relax, soak in the scenery, or capture the beauty with their cameras.

Reaching the Blue Mines is a short journey from Asansol. Whether by car, bike, or bus, the destination offers a welcome break from the usual tourist spots. However, venturing into the mines themselves is strictly prohibited due to potential hazards.

Before you go…

The Blue Mines might not be for everyone, but they present a captivating alternative for adventurous souls. Remember to pack essentials like water and snacks, and dress appropriately for the dusty environment. Most importantly, treat the area with respect by avoiding littering and staying within the designated safe zones.

On the way to Blue Mines
On the way to Blue Mines
On the way to Blue Mines

Instead of being a forgotten relic, the Blue Mines have become a testament to nature’s ability to reclaim its space. With a little caution and respect, they can be a truly enriching experience for the right kind of visitor. So, next time you’re seeking an off-the-beaten-path adventure near Asansol, consider venturing beyond the familiar and exploring the enchanting Blue Mines, as the saying goes –
“Where you see ashes, blow them away and see what lies beneath.”

Written By: Supratim Mukherjee

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