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Discover the hidden stories of Bon Bibi Tala and Paglakhali Temple at Assannagar and experience the heritage stay.

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Most of us know that the biggest Banyan tree in West Bengal is at the Botanical Gardens, but do you know the second largest Banyan tree is at Bon Bibi Tala? A historical and equally holy place creating a bridge between the communities, Bon Bibi Tala is about 5 km from Asannagar.

Bon Bibi Tala: where nature meets culture

The locals worship Bon Bibi, a divine figure who saves the fishermen and honey-gatherers from tigers in the Sundarbans. Unlike modern times,  this entire area used to be a part of Sundarbans a few centuries ago. Many of the villagers used to be fishermen and gatherers, scouring wood, honey, and wax. Some of them used to wear masks behind their heads to keep the tigers away. People in southern Bengal and Bangladesh still worship Bon Bibi as their provider. The Asannagar Bon Bibi tala signifies a strong relationship between people and nature. You can book/reserve a tuktuk (toto) from Asannagar and reach your destination.

The Banyan tree of Bon Bibi Tala

Paglakhali Temple: The home of Pagla Baba

There are many folk tales and legends around Pagla Khali, and they have been there for centuries. Hailing Lord Shiva as the deity, the temple resides under an old banyan tree, known as askshay bowt.

The temple is very famous as the deity grants everyone’s wishes. Although you can visit the temple any day, devotees gather in large groups every Monday and Thursday to offer puja and locals open small shops of puja items and snacks. the temple is deserted after sunset, as locals believe that Lord Shiva performs the tandava dance on holy nights.

PaglaKhali Temple, Nadia (Picture credit: Subhasish Thakur)

The village fair offers the simple pleasures of the countryside, but watching the sunset over the paddy and yellow mustard fields tops everything. Only 5 km from Bon Bibi Tala, and along the river Palda, the serene nature, chirping of birds and the old tales of  Pagla Baba make this place a must-visit.

You can reach Paglakhali from Krishnanagar station by bus or auto rickshaw. Or, you can plan your stay at Assannagar and reach the destination by walking or taking a toto.

Assannagar Heritage stay

Our Heritage stay at Assannagar provides you with the best amenities and a close to the nature, yet elegant experience to make your trip memorable.

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